Tinospora capillipes

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Historical Use of Tinospora capillipes

Tinospora capillipes in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Jinguolan

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Tinospora Root

Specific Name  : Radix tinosporae

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in autumn and winter, removed from rootlet, wash clean and dried in the sun.

Description  : In irregular masses, 5 - 10 cm long, 3 - 6 cm in diameter. Externally brownish, rugged, deeply wrinkled. Texture hard, uneasily broken, transversely cut surface yellowish white when dissected showing vessels in groups, arranged somewhat radially. Odourless, taste bitter.

Identification  :

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, soak, soften thoroughly, cut into thick slices and dry.

Action  : To remove toxic heat, to cure sore throat, carbuncles and boils, diarrhea, dysentery, epigastric pain of heat type.

Indication  :

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 3 to 9 g; for external use, appropriate quantity to be ground into powder and insufflated into the throat, or to be gorund together with vinegar and applied topically.

Storage  : Preserve in a dry place, protected from moth.

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