Tinct. nuc. vom.

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Tinct. nuc. vom. is a non-scientific common name that may refer to a number of plant species and varieties.


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Historical Use of Tinct. nuc. vom.

Tinct. nuc. vom. in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Historical Use of Tinct. nuc. vom. in Western Medicine

Quote Paraph: "The following cases illustrate some of the facts above mentioned. The first two are instances of the fact that the addition of iron does not necessarily lessen the beneficial effect of bromide treatment. [PARAGRAPH BREAK] Kate P., aged 20, without indication of heredity, had fits from teething, at thirteen months, to 5. She was backward in teething and walking; did not walk until 2![THE "!" REPRESENTS A SYMBOL IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT THAT IS ILLEDGIBLE TO ME. IT DOES HOWEVER LOOK SIMILAR TO AN EXCLAMATION POINT]. At 5 the fits ceased, to recur for a short time at 12, and again at 17, from which age they continued until she came under treatment at 20, occurring then every week, always in the waking state, without warning. They were severe epileptic attacks with tongue-biting. She had also some minor fits. Potass, brom. gr. x., tinct. fer. perchlor. mx. [IN THE ORIGINAL TEXT THE "m" OF "mx." WAS WRITTEN AS A SYMBOL THAT LOOKS LIKE A LOWER CASE M WITH THE THIRD VERTICAL LINE EXTENDING BELOW
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Primary Source: Gowers, WR. Epilepsy and other chronic convulsive diseases. New York. William Wood & Company. 1885. p. 229.


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