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Historical Use of Tendodera sinensis

Tendodera sinensis in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Sangpiaoxiao

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Mantis Egg-case

Specific Name  : Ootheca mantidis

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected from late autumn to next spring, removed from foreign matter, eggs killed by steam and dried.

Description  : Tuanpiaoxiao: Somewhat cylindric or semi spheroidal consisting of many layers of thin overlapping membranous slices, 2.5 - 4cm long, 2 - 3cm wide. The outer surface pale yellowish brown, ribbon like ridge on the upper side inconspicious, the bottom side even or with grooves. Light texture lax and tenacious. The outer part of the transversely cut surface spongy, the inner part with numerous radially arranged cells, a minute ellipsoidal egg in each cell. The egg dark brown, lustrous, odour slightly stinking, taste weak or slightly salty.Changpiaoxiao: Somewhat slat-shaped, one end narrow, 2.5 - 5cm long, 1 - 1.5cm wide. The outer surface greyish yellow, the upper side with conspicous ribbon like ridge, 1 dark brown shallow groove and oblique striation on each side of the ridge. Texture hard and fragileHeipiaxiao: Somewhat tetragonal, 2 - 4cm long, 1.5 - 2 cm wide. The outer surface greyish brown, the upper side with conspicous ribbon like ridge, oblique striations on each side of the ridge, slightly curved upward near the caudal end. Texture hard and tenacious.

Identification  :

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, steam thoroughly, dry. Cut into pieces before use.

Action  : To tonify the kidney, to arrest spontaneous emission, to reduce excessive urination, and to cure turbid discharge from the urethra.

Indication  : nocturnal emission, spermatorrhea, enuresis, frequent urination, turbid discharge with urine

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 5 to 9 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a ventilated dry place, protected from moth.

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