Sparganium stoloniferum

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Historical Use of Sparganium stoloniferum

Sparganium stoloniferum in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Cusanleng ´×ÈýÀâ Jingsanleng ¾£ÈýÀâ Chinese Name (pinyin): Sanleng

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Burreed Tuber

Specific Name  : Rhizoma sparganii

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected from winter to the next spring, wash clean, peeled and dry in the sun.

Description  : Conical, slightly flattened, 2 - 6 cm long, 2 - 4 cm in diameter. Externally yellowish white or greyish yellow with marks pared with knife and spotted fibrous root scars, ringed arranged transversely. Texture heavy, compact. Odorless, taste weak, slightly numb on chewing.

Identification  : Transverse section: Aerenchyma of cortex, consisting of branched parenchymatous cells, tops of branches connected each other forming large intercellular spaces, endodermis cells densely arranged. Parenchymatous cells of stele sub-rounded, slightly thick walled, containing starch granules, collateral and amphivasal bundles scattered, vessels non lignified. Secretory cells scattered in cortex and stele filled with brownish red secretion.

Processing  : Rhizoma Sparganii: Eliminate foreign matter, soak, soften thoroughly, cut into thin slices and dry.Rhizoma Sparganii (processed with vinegar) Stir fry the slices as describe under the method for stir frying with vinegar (Appendix ll D) until deep color is produce, using 15 kg of vinegar per 100 kg of slices of Rhizoma Sparganii.

Action  : To eliminate blood stasis with strong effect, promote the flow of qi, remove the retention of undigested food, and relieve pain.

Indication  : abdominal mass, amennorrhea due to blood stasis, abdominal distension and pain caused by retention of undigested food

Precautions  : Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Dosage  : 4.5 to 9 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a ventilated and dry place, protected from moth.

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