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Rue is a non-scientific common name that may refer to a number of plant species and varieties.


Other Names:

Historical Use of Rue

Rue in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Historical Use of Rue in Western Medicine

Quote Paraph: "John of Gaddesden provided a prescription to rid epileptics of phlegm. It's ingredients were: iris root, aristolochia rotunda, squill, hyssop, mistletoe, wild and domestic sage, liverwort, pennyroyal, calamint, rue, peony root, of each one ounce: peony seed, physalis seed, anise, fennel, of each 2 oz.: flower of Arabian stiche, 5 minims; juice of wild rue, half a quart; hone 1 1/2 quarts. "
Sec Auth: Eadie MJ and Bladin PF
Title: A Disease Once Sacred. John Libbey & Company Ltd, 2001
Page: 180
Source: A Disease Once Sacred, John Libbey & Company Ltd, 2001, M.J. Eadie and P.F. Bladin
Complete: Eadie MJ, Bladin PF. A disease once sacred: a history of the medical understanding of epilepsy. Eastleigh: John Libbey; 2001. p. 180.
Primary Source: John of Gaddesden. UNSPECIFIED TEXT


Synonymns for Rue

Patent Medicines and Medicines with Multiple Ingredients that include Rue

Pharmaceutical Information

Chemical Constituents

Evidence or the Use of Rue in the Treatment of Epilepesy

Basic Science

Animal Studies

Cohort, Case-Control and Non-Randomized Trials

Randomized Controlled Trials


1st Five Results: pubmed search

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Side Effect and Warnings

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Adverse Effects