Physalis alkekengi var. francheti

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Historical Use of Physalis alkekengi var. francheti

Physalis alkekengi var. francheti in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Guajindeng ¹Ò½ðµÆ jindenglong ½ðµÆÁý Chinese Name (pinyin): Jindenglong

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Calyx or Fruit of Franchet Groundberry

Specific Name  : Calyx seu fructus physalis

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in autumn when the fruit is ripe and the persistent calyx turns to red or orange red and dried.

Description  : somewhat lantern shaped, mostly falttened, 3-4.5cm ong, 2.5-4cm wide. Externally orange-red or orange-yellow, possessing 5 distinct longitudinal ribs with fine reticulate veins between them. Apex acuminate, slightly 5-lobed, base somewhat truncate, center dented with a fruit stalk. Texture light and pliable, hollowed some containing brownish-red or orenge-red fruit. Fruit spherical, mostly flattened, 1-1.5cm in diameter, pericarp shrunken, containing numerous seeds. Odor, slight; taste, calyx bitter and fruit sweet, slightly sour.

Identification  :

Processing  :

Action  : To remove toxic heat, to soothe the sore throat, to resolve phlegm, and to relieve dysuria.

Indication  : sore throat and hoarseness; cough with yellow sticku sputum; dysuria; external: pemphigus, eczema

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 5 to 9 g; for external use, appropriate quantity to be pounded into paste and applied topically.

Storage  : Preserve in a ventilated and dry place, protected from moth.

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1st Five Results: pubmed search

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