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Pharbitis purpurea in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Baichou °×³ó Erchou ¶þ³ó Heibaichou ºÚ°×³ó Heichou ºÚ³ó Chinese Name (pinyin): Qianniuzi

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Pharbis Seed

Specific Name  : Semen pharbitidis

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The plant is cut up in late autumn when the fruit is ripe but not dehiscent and dried in the sun. The seed is tapped out and remove from foreign matter.

Description  : Orange segment shape, 4 - 8mm long, 3 - 5mm wide. Externally yellowish black (Heichou) or yellowish white (Baichou). Dorsal side with shallow longitudinal furrow and ventral side with pointed and slightly dented hilum at the lower end of rib. Texture hard in transverse section, lowish or yellowish crumpled and folded cotyledons visible, slightly oily. Odorless, taste pungent, bitter and numb.

Identification  : 1.Testa rimose when soak the drug in water giving a clear viscous and lubricate feeling when twisted with the fingers.2.Powder: Pale yellowish brown. Epidermal cells of testa dark brown, irregular in shape with lightly sinous walls. Nonglandular hairs unicellular, yellowish brown, slightly curved, 50 - 240 µm long. Sectretory cavities visible in cotyledons fragments, rounded or elliptical, 35 - 106µm in diameter. Clusters of calcium oxalate 10 - 25µm in diameter. Fragments of palisade cells of testa and light band visible occasionally.

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, break to pieces before use.Stir fried: Stir fry as described under the method for simple stir frying (Appendix 11 D) to slightly inflated, break to pieces before use.

Action  : To cause drastic purgation for clearing way retained fluid, and to kill worms.

Indication  : anasarca with constipation and oliguria; dyspnea and cough caused by retained fluid; abdominal pain due to intestinal parasitosis; ascariasis, taeniasis

Precautions  : Contraindicated in pregnancy. In ompatible with Fructus Crotonis.

Dosage  : 3 to 6 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a dry place.

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