Lycopus lucidus f. hirtus

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Historical Use of Lycopus lucidus f. hirtus

Lycopus lucidus f. hirtus in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Zelanye ÔóÀ¼Ò¶ Chinese Name (pinyin): Zelan

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Bugleweed

Specific Name  : Herba lycopi

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in between summer and autumn when the stems and the leaves are growing luxuriantly and dried in the sun.

Description  : tems square, infrequently branched, shallowly furrowed longitudinally on four sides, 50 - 100cm long, 2 - 6mm in diameter, externally yellowish green or purplish, nodes apparently purple, white tomentose, texture fragile, fracture yellowish white, pith hollowed. Leaves opposite, short petiole, lamina mostly crumpled when whole, lanceolate or oblong, 5 - 10cm long. The upper surface greyish green and densely glandular-dotted, pubescent on both surfaces, apex acute, margins serrate. Flowers yellowish brown, aggregated leaf axils in venticillate cymes, corolla mostly fallen off, bracts and calyx persistent, odorless and taste weak.

Identification  :

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, wash briefly, soften thoroughly, cut into sections and dry.

Action  : To activate blood circulation and eliminate blood stasis, and to induce diuresis.

Indication  : menstrual disorders, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, postpartum abdominal pain due to blood stasis; edema

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 6 to 12 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a ventilated dry place.

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