Ledebouriella divaricata

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Historical Use of Ledebouriella divaricata

Ledebouriella divaricata in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Koufangfeng ¿Ú·À·ç Qingfangfeng Çà·À·ç Chinese Name (pinyin): Fangfeng

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Ledebouriella Root

Specific Name  : Radix saposhnikoviae

Scientific Name:
Collection  :

Description  :

Identification  :

Processing  :

Action  : To induce diaphoresis, to dispel wind, to alleviate rheumatic conditions, and to relieve spasm.

Indication  : headache in colds; urticaria; rheumatic arthralgia; tetanus

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 4.5 to 9 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a cool and dry place, ptoected from moth.

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