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Jet is a non-scientific common name that may refer to a number of plant species and varieties.


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Jet in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Historical Use of Jet in Western Medicine

Quote Paraph: " The diagnostic substances were chiefly such things as jet, asphalt, horn, lamp wick, goat's liver, which were burned before the patient."
Sec Auth: Temkin O
Title: The Falling Sickness. Second Edition, Revised, Softshell Books edition, 1994
Page: 26
Source: The Falling Sickness, Second Edition, Revised, Softshell Books edition, 1994,Owsei Temkin
Complete: Temkin O. The falling sickness: a history of epilepsy from the Greeks to the beginnings of modern neurology. London: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press, 2 Revised Edition, (Softshell Books) ; 1994. p. 26.
Primary Source: 145 Alexander of Aphrodisias (530)


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