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Historical Use of Inula racemosa

Inula racemosa in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Tumuxiang

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Inula Root

Specific Name  : Radix inulae

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in autumn, remove from soil and dried in the sun.

Description  : Conical slightly curved, 5 - 20 cm long. Externally yellowish brown or dark brown with longitudinal wrinkles and rootlet scars. The root stock large with sunken stem scar and remains of leaf sheath at the apex. Surrounded by cylindrical numerous rootlets. Texture hard, uneasily broken, fracture slightly even, yellowish white to pale greyish yellow, showing dented dotted oil cavities. Odour slightly aromatic, taste bitter and pungent.

Identification  : 1.Transverse section: Cork consisting of several layers of cells. Phloem broad. Cambium ring less distinct. Xylem rays 6 - 25 cells wide. Vessels less frequent, singly scattered or several aggregated in groups, radiately arranged, wood fibre rare in bundle present in surroundings of vessels at the center of xylem. Parenchymatous cells containing inulin. Oil cavities scattered in phloem and xylem, 80 - 300 µm in diameter.Powder: pale yellow brown. Inulin abundant, colourless in irregular pieces. Retyiculated vessels 30 - 100 µm in diameter. Cork cells polygonal, yellowish brown. Wood fibres long fusiform with oblique ends and oblique pits.2.Heat under reflux 1 g of the powder in 5 ml of methanol for 5 minutes and filter. To 1 ml of the filtrate add slowly 0.5 ml of sulfuric acid along the tube wall. A brownish red ring is produced at the junction of the two layers.3.To 0.5g of the powder add 4 ml of methanol, tightly stoppered, shake aloow to stand for 30 minutes and filter. Use the filtrate in the test solution. Dissolve alantolactone CRS and isoalantolactone CRS in mtehanol to produced a solution containing 2 mg of each per ml use as the reference solution. Carry out the method for thin layer chromatography (Appendix Vl B), using silica gel G containing 0.25% silver nitrate as the coating substance and petroleum ether (60 - 90ºC)-benzene-ethyl acetate (75:15:15) as the mobile phase. Apply separately to the plate 5 µl of each of the two solutions. After developing, protected from light and removal of the plate, dry it in the air. Spray with 5% anisaldehyde-sulfuric acid solution. Visualize under a current of hot air. The two bluish violet spots in the chromatogram obtained with the test solution correspond in position and colour to the spots in the chromatogram obtained with the reference solution.

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, wash clean, soften thoroughly, cut into slices and dry in the sun.

Action  : To invigorate the spleen and regulate the function of stomach, to relieve the depression of the liver qi, to alleviate pain, and to prevent abortion.

Indication  :

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 3 to 9 g, mostly used in making pills or powder.

Storage  : Preserve in a cool and dry place.

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