Inula britannica var. chinensis

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Historical Use of Inula britannica var. chinensis

Inula britannica var. chinensis in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Xuanfuhua

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Inula Flower

Specific Name  : Flos inulae

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in summer and autumn at flowering, remove foreign matter and dried in the sun or in the shade.

Description  : Oblate subspherical, 1 - 2cm in diameter, involucre consisting of numerous bracts, imbricated, bracts lanceolate or strip-shaped, greyish yellow, 4 - 11mm long. Sometimes pedicels remaining at the base of involucre, surfaces of the bracts and pedicels covered with white hairs. Ligulate florets 1 row, yellow about 1cm long , mostly rolled, often fallen, with 3 terminal teeth, tubular florets numerous, brownish-yellow, about 5mm long with 5 terminal teeth, numerous white pappi occurring in the apex of ovary, 5 - 6mm long. Small elliptical schene sometimes visible, texture light, easily broken and separated, odour slight, taste slightly bitter.

Identification  : Surface view of various parts, non-glandular hairs of bracts 1-8 celled, base of the multicellular ones large and the apical cells especially long, the inner rows of bracts bearing 2 - 3 celled seriate non-glandular hairs. Pappus consisting of multiseriate non-glandular hairs, margin cells slightly convex. Epidermal cells of ovary containing cylindrical crystals of calcium oxalate up to 48µm long, 2 - 5µm in diameter, non-glandular hairs of ovary biseriated. 90 - 220µm long. Glandular hairs of the bracts and corolla clavate with multi-cellular head, mostly biseriate, covered with cuticle sac, stalk multicellular, biseriate, pollen grains subspherical, 22 - 23µm in diameter, exine spiny about 3µm long with three germinal pores.

Processing  : Eliminate pedicels, leaves and foreign matter.Processed with honey: Stir fry (cleaned) as describe under the method for stir frying with honey (Appendix ll D) until it is no longer sticky to the fingers.

Action  : To relieve cough, eliminate phlegm, promote diuresis, and arrest vomiting.

Indication  : cough in common cold; cough with dyspnea and copious expectoration due to accumulation of phlegm; belching nausea and vomiting with stuffiness sensation in the epigastric region

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 3 to 9 g, to be wrapped in making decoction.

Storage  : Preserve in a dry place, protected from moisture.

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