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1st Five Results: pubmed search

Fredrik K Mürer, Sophie Sanchez, Michelle Álvarez-Murga, Marco Di Michiel, Franz Pfeiffer, Martin Bech, Dag W Breiby
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Sci Rep: 2018, 8(1);10052
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Marion Chevrinais, Jean-Yves Sire, Richard Cloutier
From body scale ontogeny to species ontogeny: Histological and morphological assessment of the Late Devonian acanthodian Triazeugacanthus affinis from Miguasha, Canada.
PLoS ONE: 2017, 12(4);e0174655
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Alexander Immel, Adeline Le Cabec, Marion Bonazzi, Alexander Herbig, Heiko Temming, Verena J Schuenemann, Kirsten I Bos, Frauke Langbein, Katerina Harvati, Anne Bridault, Gilbert Pion, Marie-Anne Julien, Oleksandra Krotova, Nicholas J Conard, Susanne C Münzel, Dorothée G Drucker, Bence Viola, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Paul Tafforeau, Johannes Krause
Effect of X-ray irradiation on ancient DNA in sub-fossil bones - Guidelines for safe X-ray imaging.
Sci Rep: 2016, 6;32969
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Jean Goedert, François Fourel, Romain Amiot, Laurent Simon, Christophe Lécuyer
High-precision (34) S/(32) S measurements in vertebrate bioapatites using purge-and-trap elemental analyser/isotope ratio mass spectrometry technology.
Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom.: 2016, 30(18);2002-8
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Harold Matthews, Tony Penington, Ine Saey, Jane Halliday, Evelyn Muggli, Peter Claes
Spatially dense morphometrics of craniofacial sexual dimorphism in 1-year-olds.
J. Anat.: 2016, 229(4);549-59
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