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1st Five Results: pubmed search

Won-Sik Jung, Soo-Hyeon Park, Abhijit Nanaso Kadam, Hansang Kim, Sang-Wha Lee
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Weiwei Xia, Jiawei Sun, Xianghua Zeng, Pengdi Wang, Min Luo, Jing Dong, Huaguang Yu
FeO-Based Hierarchical Structures on FTO Substrates and Their Photocurrent.
ACS Omega: 2020, 5(5);2205-2213
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Jorge Medina, Carlos M Monreal, Luis Orellana, Marcela Calabi-Floody, María E González, Sebastián Meier, Fernando Borie, Pablo Cornejo
Influence of saprophytic fungi and inorganic additives on enzyme activities and chemical properties of the biodegradation process of wheat straw for the production of organo-mineral amendments.
J. Environ. Manage.: 2020, 255;109922
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Guixiang Quan, Qinya Fan, Liqiang Cui, Andrew R Zimmerman, Hailong Wang, Zhiyuan Zhu, Bin Gao, Limin Wu, Jinlong Yan
Simulated photocatalytic aging of biochar in soil ecosystem: Insight into organic carbon release, surface physicochemical properties and cadmium sorption.
Environ. Res.: 2020, 183;109241
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Quanzhi Tian, Binglin Guo, Chitiphon Chuaicham, Keiko Sasaki
Mechanism analysis of selenium (VI) immobilization using alkaline-earth metal oxides and ferrous salt.
Chemosphere: 2020, 248;126123
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