Daemonorops draco

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Qilingjie ÷è÷ë½ß Chinese Name (pinyin): Xuejie

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Specific Name  : Resina Draconis

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1st Five Results: pubmed search

Xiaoyu Wang, Irmanida Batubara, Kosei Yamauchi, Tohru Mitsunaga
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Fitoterapia: 2019, 138;104280
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Chunhung Wu, Xin-Qi Cai, Yu Chang, Chueh-Hsuan Chen, Tsung-Jung Ho, Shang-Chih Lai, Hao-Ping Chen
Rapid identification of dragon blood samples from Daemonorops draco, Dracaena cinnabari and Dracaena cochinchinensis by MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry.
Phytochem Anal: 2019, 30(6);720-726
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Preethi Krishnaraj, Yu Chang, Tsung-Jung Ho, Nai-Chen Lu, Ming-Der Lin, Hao-Ping Chen
In vivo pro-angiogenic effects of dracorhodin perchlorate in zebrafish embryos: A novel bioactivity evaluation platform for commercial dragon blood samples.
J Food Drug Anal: 2019, 27(1);259-265
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Yibo Jin, Yunxiang Sun, Jiangtao Lei, Guanghong Wei
Dihydrochalcone molecules destabilize Alzheimer's amyloid-β protofibrils through binding to the protofibril cavity.
Phys Chem Chem Phys: 2018, 20(25);17208-17217
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Matthias Schmid, Dirk Trauner
Biomimetic Synthesis of Complex Flavonoids Isolated from Daemonorops "Dragon's Blood".
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Engl.: 2017, 56(40);12332-12335
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