Coix lacrymajobi subsp. ma-yuen

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Historical Use of Coix lacrymajobi subsp. ma-yuen

Coix lacrymajobi subsp. ma-yuen in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chaoyiren ³´Þ²ÈÊ Shenyiren ÉúÞ²ÈÊ Chinese Name (pinyin): Yiyiren

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Coix Seed

Specific Name  : Semen coicis

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The plant is collected in autumn when the fruit is ripe and dried sun. The fruit is picked up, dried in the sun and the kernel is separated from the shell, yellowish brown coat and foreign matters.

Description  : Broad ovoid or elongated elliptical, 4 - 8mm long, 3 - 6mm wide. Externally milky white, smooth, occasionally with yellowish brown testa. One end obtusely rounded, the other end relatively broad and slightly dented with 1 pale brown dotted hilum. Dorsal surface rounded and protruding, ventral surface having 1 relatively broad and deep longitudinal furrow. Texture hard, fracture white and starchy. Slight odor and taste slightly sweet.

Identification  : Powder: Whitish, starch granules numerous simple granule sub-rounded or polyhedral, 2 - 20 µm in diameter, hilum stellate, compound granules, seldom visible, usually consisting of 2 - 3 components. On adding iodine Ts, the starch showing a brownish red color.

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matters.Stir fried Semen Coicis: Stir fry as describe under the method for stir frying with bran (Appendix ll D) until pale yellow color is produced.

Action  : To invigorate the spleeb function and promote diuresis, to alleviate arthritis, to arrest diarrhea, to remove heat and facilitate the drainage of pus.

Indication  : edema; oliguria; arthritis with contracture of joints; diarrhea due to diminished function of the spleen; lung abscess, appendicitis; verruca plana

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 9 to 30 g.

Storage  : Preserve in a ventilated and dry place, protected from moth.

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