Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta

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Historical Use of Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta

Cissampelos pareira var. hirsuta in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Yahunu

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Common Cissampelos Herb

Specific Name  : Herba cissampelotis

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in spring and summer, removed from soil and dried in the sun.

Description  : Roots flattened-cylindrical, mostly curved, varying in length, about 1cm in diameter, externally brown or dark brown with wrinkle and rootlet scars, fracture withered. Stolons cylindrical, nodes slightly swollen usually exhibiting some root scars or fibrous roots and externally brown. Internodes showing twisted-revolving longitudinal furrows, easily broken, dusting on breaking. Fracture with radiate striations, twining stems slender, branched, externally yellowish brown tomentose, leaves alternate and petioled. Lamina mostly crumpled when whole, cordate oblate retuse and mucronulate at the apex, sparsely white pubescent on the upper surface and densely brownish yellow. Tomentose on the lower surface. Odour slioght, taste bitter and slightly sweet.

Identification  : 1.Powder: Greyish brown, starch granules abundant, simple grains rounded, semi rounded or polygonal, 2 - 21µm in diameter, hilum pointed or cleft. Compound granules of 2 - 4 components. Stone cells numerous, yellowish, subsquare, elliptical or polygonal, 30 - 65µm in diameter and subfusiform, 80 - 180µm long. Bordered pitted vessels 24 - 140µm in diameter. Fibres slender up to 1000µm long about 24µm in diameter, walls thickened and lignified. Prisms of calcium oxalate few, very small. Non-glandular hairs 1 - 5 celled, 220 - 1260µm long.2.Macerate 5g of the powder with 40ml of ethanol for 2 hours and filter. Evaporate about 20ml of the filtrate to dryness, dissolve the residue in dilute acetic acid add a quantity of water and transfer to separator. Make alkaline with ammonia TS and extract the choloroform. Shake the chloroform extracts with dilute acetic acid again. To 2ml of the acetic acid extracts, add 2 drops of mercuric potassium iodide TS, a reddish brown precipitate is produced. To 2ml of acetic acid extracts, add 2 drops of potassium iodobismuthate TS, a reddish brown precipitate is produced.

Processing  :

Action  : To cause the subsidence of swelling, and relieve pain, to arrest bleeding, and to promote growth of new tissues.

Indication  : traumatic swelling, pain, and bleeding

Precautions  :

Dosage  : For traumatic swelling and pain, appropriate quantity of the dried powder to be applied topically after mixing with egg white; for traumatic bleeding, appropriate quantity of dry powder to be applied externally, 1 to 2 times daily.

Storage  : Preserve in a dry place.

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