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Centaury is a non-scientific common name that may refer to a number of plant species and varieties.


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Historical Use of Centaury

Centaury in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Historical Use of Centaury in Western Medicine

Quote Paraph: "If seizures continued in the acute situation, castor was given and centaury or colocynth was inserted into the anus and the patient purged."
Sec Auth: Eadie MJ and Bladin PF
Title: A Disease Once Sacred. John Libbey & Company Ltd, 2001
Page: 175
Source: A Disease Once Sacred, John Libbey & Company Ltd, 2001, M.J. Eadie and P.F. Bladin
Complete: Eadie MJ, Bladin PF. A disease once sacred: a history of the medical understanding of epilepsy. Eastleigh: John Libbey; 2001. p. 175.
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