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Historical Use of Brucea javanica

Brucea javanica in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Yadanyou Ñ»µ¨ÓÍ Chinese Name (pinyin): Yadanzi

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Brucea Fruit

Specific Name  : Fructus bruceae

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected in autumn when ripe, removed from foreign matter and dried in the sun.

Description  : Ovoid, 6 - 10mm long, 4 - 7mm in diameter. Externally black or brown with raised reticulate wrinkles, lumina irregularly polygonal, obviously ribbed at both sides. Apex acuminate, base having a dented fruit stalk scar, shell hard and brittle. Seeds ovoid, 5 - 6mm long, 3 - 5mm in diameter, externally whitish or yellowish white with reticulate, testa thin, cotyledons milky white oily. Odorless, taste extremely bitter.

Identification  : Powder opf pericarp: Epidermal cells polygonal, containing brown contents, parenchymatous cells polygonal, containing clusters of calcium oxalate up to 30µm in diameter and prisms. Stone cells subrounded or polygonal, 14 - 38µm in diameter.Powder of seed: yellowish white. The cells of testa polygonal, slightly elongated. The cells of endosperm and cotyledon containing aleurone grains.

Processing  : Eliminate shells and foreign matter.

Action  : To remove toxic heat, to stop malarial attacks, to relieve dysentery, and to cauterize vegetations.

Indication  : dysentery, malaria external: vegetation, corn

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 0.5 to 2 g to be taken after wrapped in Arillus Longan or in capsules; appropraite quantity for external use.

Storage  : Preserve in a dry place.

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1st Five Results: pubmed search

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