Anodonta woodiana

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Anodonta woodiana in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Lianzhufen å¥Öé·Û Zhenzhufen ÕäÖé·Û Chinese Name (pinyin): Zhenzhu

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Pearl

Specific Name  : Margarita

Scientific Name:
Collection  : The drug is collected from animal, washed and dried.

Description  : subspheroidal, oblong, ovaoid or clavate, 1.5 - 8mm in diameter. Externally almost white, light pink, light yellowish green or light blue, translucent, smooth or slightly uneven with characteristic lustre. Texture hard, laminating veins on broken surface. Odorless and tasteless.

Identification  : 1.Powder: Whitish, irregular pieces translecent, lustrous, granular I surface view, sometimes finely undulated striated. The ground slices marked with concentric striations.2.To the powder, add dilute hydrochloric acid solution, a lot of bubbles are produced, filter, the filtrate yields the identification test calcium salts (Appendix lV)3.Examine the drug under ultra violet light (365nm) pale bluish violet or bright yellowish green fluorescence is shown, usuallt relatively bright in the peripheral zone

Processing  : Wash clean and dry.Powder of Margarita: Take clean margarita, grind and make it into finest powder as described under the method for levigation

Action  : To calm the nerves, to eliminate corneal opacity, to counteract toxicity and to promote the growth of new tissues.

Indication  : palpitation and insomnia; convulsion, epilepsy; nebula; skin ulceration that are difficult to heal

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 0.1 to 0.3 g, mostly used in making pills or powder; appropriate quantity for external use.

Storage  : Preserve in well closed containers.

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