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Amomum krervanh in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Chinese Name (pinyin): Doukou

Chinese Name  :

Common Name  :Round Cardamon Fruit

Specific Name  : Fructus amomi rotundus

Scientific Name:
Collection  :

Description  : Protogenic Round Cardamon Fruit: Subspherical, 1.2 - 1.8cm in diameter. Externally yellowish white to pale yellowish brown with 3 relatively deep longitudinal furrows, apex processing a prominent stylopodium, base with a dented scar of fruit stalk, both ends bearing pale brown pebescences. Texture of pericarp light and brittle, easily broken longitudinally, 3 louli, each containing about 10 seeds, seeds irregularly polyhedral, dorsal surface slightly raised, 3 - 4mm in diameter, externally dark brown with wrinkles and remains of aril, odor aromatic, taste pungent, sligthlycamphor likeIndonesian Round Cardamon Fruit: Relatively small, externally yellowih white, sometimes slightly purplish brown testa relatively thin, seeds thin and blighted, odor relatively weak.

Identification  : Take the volatile oin obtained under the Assay as the test solution of cineol CRS as the reference solution ( both can be diluted with abn appropriate quantity of ethanol if necessary). Cary out the method for thin layer chromatography (Appendix Vl B), using silca gel G as the coating substance and benzene ethyl acetate (9.5: 0.5) as the mobile phase. Apply to the plate 10µl of each of the two solutions. After developing and removal of the plate, dry it in the air, spray with 5% solution of vanillin in sulfuric acid, heat at 105ºC for 5 - 10 minutes and examine immediately. The spost in the chromatogram obtined with the test solution correspond in position and color to the spots in the chromatogram obtained with the reference solution.Foreign matter: Not more than 1% for protogenic round cadamon fruit and not more than 2% for Indonesian round cardamon fruit (Appendix lX A)Water: Carry out the method for determination of water (Appendix lX H), method 2, not more than 11.0% of water for protogeinc round cardamon fruit and not more than 12.0% of water for Indonesian round cardamon fruit.Assay: Take 30 - 40g of broken seeds, carry out the method for determination of volatile oil (Appendix X D). It contins not less than 5.0% (ml/g) of volatile oil for Protogenic round cardamon seeds and not less than 4.0% (ml/g) of volatile oil for Indonesian round cardamon seed.

Processing  : Eliminate foreign matter, break to pieces before use.

Action  : To resolve damp, to remove stagnancy of food, and to promote digestion.

Indication  : loss of appetite due to accumulation of turbid damp in the spleen and stomach; feeling of suffocation in the chest with anorexia at the early stage of damp-warm syndromes; nausea vomiting, distention and pain in the chest and abdomen caused by cold-damp; indigestion with retention of food

Precautions  :

Dosage  : 3 to 6 g, to be added when the ddecoction is nearly done.

Storage  : Preserve in well closed containers, stored in a cool and dry place, protected from moth.

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